Japanning EP

by Red Mill

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Don't let em get cha!


released March 31, 2017

Recorded at The Reel Room in Amesbury, MA between January 2016 and February 2017
Engineered by Nathaniel Peirce
Produced, Mixed, and Mastered by Keegan Farara and Nathaniel Peirce
All songs written by Keegan Farara

Keegan Farara - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Songs, Lyrics
Nick Hine - Drums
Jake Osborn - Moog, Rhodes
Nathaniel Peirce - Auxiliary drums on "Chemistry Set"

Thanks to:
Drew McCann, Mario Fontes, Mum and Pop, Tristan Medjo, Joe Rocissono, and our devoted listener-ship.

Cover art by Joe Rocissono, Tristan Medjo, and Keegan Farara

Red Mill is:
Keegan Farara
Charlie Feig
Jake Osborn
Nick Hine
Adam Sapiro



all rights reserved


Red Mill Boston, Massachusetts

Boston loud boys

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Track Name: Japanning
You don't get bored
you don't get scared
you know the truth
you're always prepared
how does one?
how's it done when all you've really got it is japanning?

You live for lies
you live for death
you keep that hid
with handsome prayers
oh how does one have any fun
when all you've really got is japanning?

- Keegan Farara
Track Name: Talking Loud
You’re talking loud, that must feel good
you aren’t clear, but understood
can’t give an inch to anyone
who knew this was so much fun

cause I’m just a kitten to distract
so you don’t have to react

you’re talking loud, that must feel grand
everyone’s your biggest fan
but all we hear is BLAH
and all you hear is LA LA LA

cause I'm just a kitten to distract
so you don't have to react

have you ever been cast as the simple fool?
maybe once, but never again! because that's uncool
please don't be cruel, I know you won't

- Keegan Farara
Track Name: Chemistry Set
When I was young I had fun with the chemistry set
mixing potions all the time
impervious, out to lunch, and what's that you said?
Is that really on your mind?

I'm distracted. Are you distracted?

With a wink and a buzz, hey look, I'm in love!
and the cycle starts again
and all you eat and all you sleep and all you drink and all you BUZZ
it all leads back to one.

I'm distracted. Are you distracted?

But don't get the wrong idea.

- Keegan Farara
Track Name: Bright Ideas
the kid with the bright ideas, don’t cha love him?
he’s telling everyone their fortunes.
but what I’ve noticed
is that he don’t notice
that no one’s told him his.

he’s been to the the shrink, the doc and the pastor
each said "kid, you’re a disaster."
why don’t you think things over?
find a four leaf clover
and maybe your troubles will be gone.

oh I know his fascination is fascinating.
one love, but it's only me
so I run.

everyone just wants his head split
we shouldn’t but lord, we just can’t help it
he begs to be broken
cuz he’s so outspoken
but no one has broken him.

- Keegan Farara