Yr Not Psychedelic EP

by Red Mill

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released August 18, 2015

All songs and lyrics written by Keegan Farara / Actors Acting Publishing (ASCAP)

Keegan Farara - Guitars/Vocals/Hand Claps
Mario Fontes - Bass
Aaron Velayo - Drums

Drums, bass, and the guitar on "I Just Wanna See His Face" were recorded in March 2015 at The Record Co., Boston, MA by David Fuller.
Vocals, hand claps, and all the other guitars recorded at Andy Shaprio Memorial Studio, Johnson, VT in June/July 2015 by Keegan Farara

Mixed and mastered by Mark Bryant at Seasound Studios, Plymouth, MA.

Cover art by Joe Rocissono. He also contributed hand claps on "Whatever You Like"

Produced by Keegan Farara

A lot of growth happened since this project started for little ole me. I'd like to thank the folks who helped that happen.

Thanks to: Mario Fontes for a whole lot, but largely for putting up with the torrents of anxious dreck that fly off my tongue. Mum and Pop for the constant support, and the opportunity to give this a spin. Joe Rocissono for the relentless humor, talent, and depth. Kyle Dubios for pulling me out and melting faces every night in venues across the rolling hills of Lamoille County. Aaron Velayo for his consistency and patience. Justin Ferrill for his undying wit and curiosity. David Fuller for being so amicable, open, and professional. Mark Bryant for joining me in a wrestling match with the internet, and for being a total pro. Brendon Hogan, my fellow scout, for the constant votes of confidence. Berklee College of Music for all that you are and all that you're not. Motion City Soundtrack for capturing my imagination when I was thirteen with "The Future Freaks Me Out". Kevin Devine for showing me how to do this whole songwriting thing. Annie Clark for making me think. Jeff Tweedy for insisting that I feel. Christopher Hitchens for not putting up with the bullshit. And finally, Vermont, you quirky bastard. There are people I am forgetting, of course, but consider yourselves thoroughly thanked.

I did a lot of gum flapping about this EP. I'm glad it's finally out. I can't wait for the next one. Less talk, more song.
- Keegan Farara



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Red Mill Boston, Massachusetts

Boston loud boys

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Track Name: Whatever You Like
son, you ain’t subordinate
don’t put yourself out of sorts
you can’t help but to dwell on it
don’t underwrite your worth

you can do whatever you like

son, you ain’t subordinate
something always gets in your way
someone else’s talking point
puts you back in your place
Track Name: Down and Out
you ever have a straight shot and
your first thought was to piss it away?
betterment has a cost
so cough it up and you’ll never relate to feeling

down and out
down and out once again

one thing I know for sure
preconceptions will rattle and rave
it's never like what's before
it's never like what’s coming your way

down and out
down and out once again

each phase will come to pass
it seems so strange to me
i’m quite sure in that chance of recovery
but for now

we're down and out
down and out once again
Track Name: Technicolor
the neon keeps you wide awake
and you recycle what you recollect
little hints of fiction, give and take

the sandman with his jar of pills
could put you down without a doubt
that bag of bud needs a refill

so take your place
on center stage
don’t block out the sun
be joyous and glad
with what you have
consider everyone
they’ve all got a gripe

when you rise, the spin begins
a couple weeks and it’ll pass
but there’s a cost for all those sins

you can’t see a way around
end it all or ride it out
every move seems so profound
Track Name: I Just Wanna See His Face
It’s better that you
stay on the brighter side
so don’t cha stick with
the first thing you decide

single me out
she always shouts
I just wanna see his face

steady signs of
your interest running thin
i suggest you shape up
and track down some confidence

single me out
she always shouts
I just wanna see his face